Management Team

Mach (union) Inc. & Mach Union Water Laboratory, Inc. are both managed by Eng’r. Aladino M. Abulencia, a licensed chemical engineer.

He graduated cum laude in B.S. Chemical Engineering at Feati University in 1977 and obtained his chemical engineering license in 1978. After graduation he taught full time in the same university for two years and as part-time thereafter. The subjects he taught were Chemical Engineering subjects, Chemistry, Mathematics. The Chemical Engineering subjects include Water and Wastewater Management. After two years in teaching he worked as Chemist and Chemical Engineer in various establishments such as United Laboratories, Sherwin Williams and Pepsi Cola. In 1983 while he was a QA Analyst in Pepsi Cola he experienced water treatment of their process water. This was the first company where he experienced the actual water treatment process. His interest in water treatment, applying his theoretical know-how in this field, started that time.
To further apply his interest in water treatment he worked in Saudi Arabia where this field was in demand during that time. He was the Chemist of Saudi Maintenance Corporation and experienced all the aspects of water treatment such as potable water treatment like Filtrations, Reverse Osmosis, Demineralization or Deionization,UV Sterilization , Chlorination and Ozonation. He also experienced industrial water treatment such as Water Softening, Boiler Treatment, Cooling Tower Treatment, Chiller Treatment, Generator Water Treatment, Swimming Pool Treatment. He was also in-charge of the waste water treatment of the company. Eng’r. Abulencia’s experiences in water treatment continued when he worked in Singapore as a Technical Support Manager of American International Industries Pte Ltd from 1989 up to 1998.

From Philippines to Saudi Arabia up to Singapore Eng’r. Abulencia has gathered more than (30) thirty fruitful years experience in water and wastewater treatment.

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