About Us

MACH UNION WATER LABORATORY, INC. (also known as Mach Union Laboratory) is a company which provides laboratory testing, research and technical consultancy services for various industries such as Semi-Con & Electronics, Food Chains & Malls, Water Refilling Stations, Hospitals, Hotels and Condominiums, Academes /Universities, Foreign Funded Projects & Government Agencies, DENR Accredited Air Sampling Firms, Hog Raising & Poultry Farms, etc. The founders of the company have long related experience, extensive training and expertise in the field of water analysis and water/wastewater treatment.

Mach Union started its operation in 1999 as Mach (Union) Water Laboratory at URCI Building, Talon II, Las Piñas City then it was relocated at 12C Horseshoe Drive, Monark Subdivision, Pamplona l, Las Piñas City, and currently it has acquired its own building.
The laboratory is now located at MACH UNION BLDG., 335 Zapote-Alabang Rd. Talon Tres, Las Piñas City (in front of LTO). The laboratory also put up its satellite office & microbiological laboratory at 167 PPMS Bldg., San Antonio Avenue, SAV1, Parañaque City in order to respond promptly to clients’ needs within the vicinity.

For more than 10 years, the company has been providing its customers with laboratory services for water and waste water analysis, sediments, biota and air analysis.

MACH UNION is also accredited and recognized by government agencies like the Department of Health (DOH) and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), respectively; with DOH Accreditation No. 229 and DENR C.R. NO. 040/2009.
The laboratory testing fees are very competitive and while the test results are received by customers promptly within time schedule, it does not compensate the quality and reliability of test analysis/test results because:

MACH UNION rigorously adheres to internationally-approved standard methodologies and instrumentation, including strict implementation of Quality Assurance Program.

MACH UNION has highly competent and motivated technical staffs.

MACH UNION is equipped with state of the art facilities, equipments and methodologies to ensure in attaining its goal for providing accurate and reliable results for its customers.

Aside from that, the company is also one of the few laboratories which offer free consultations in improving your water/waste water treatment based on the laboratory analyses. Sampling and submission of results are done by the company’s staff at customer’s convenient time. The company is also committed to quality service in relation to environmental concerns. It has its own air and wastewater treatment plants in order to help in controlling and maintaining a safe environment through scientific approach and strict philosophy on pollution control.

These are the trademark of the company’s strong commitment for quality service and MACH UNION guaranteed that it will continue its efforts for service improvement and expansion.

We have the resources… the expertise…the solution…

Our Mission

To provide our client with the most accurate and reliable analysis.

Our Vision

To be a world class analytical laboratory known for commitment to quality service in relation to health and environmental concern.

Our Oath

To be honest and fair in all we do and to provide quality service to our client.